Smart Chair Batteries


As important as the joystick and the central processing unit are to the operation of your Rolstoel electric wheelchair it is the battery that provides the power that enables motion. For our Smart Chair, we employ dual state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries that can be fully recharged in 2 to 4 hours and are several times lighter than old fashioned batteries. Each lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 10 Ah (ampere-hours) with an output voltage of 24 V DC. When fully charged these leading-edge power packs will provide up to 15 miles of range at a top speed of up to 5 miles per hour. The Rolstoel  Smart Chair batteries come in a pack of 2 and can be installed in seconds on your electric wheelchair. Make sure you always have the power you need to enable your busy life by keeping an extra pair of Rolstoel batteries on hand at all times.



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