Central Processing Unit Controller


There are several vital components of the Rolstoel Smart Wheelchair: the wheels, the motor, the batteries and, of course, the central processing unit. The central processing unit also called the “controller” is attached to the frame of your chair in a discrete position underneath the seat. It takes input from the joystick and translates that into directional commands that tell the Smart Chair to go forward or backwards or to turn left or right. If the central processing unit on your Rolstoel Smart Chair needs to be replaced make sure you always use this authentic Smart Chair replacement unit from Rolstoel. This high-quality unit is a brushless, dual-drive rocker controller with an input power of 180W*2 and an output DC voltage/current of 24V/12A*2. As always we recommend you enlist the help of one of our authorized repair and maintenance pros in order to ensure the replacement unit is installed properly.



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