Arm Rests


The armrests on your Rolstoel Smart Wheelchair serve a variety of functions both practical and aesthetic. Their primary functions are to aid in transferring you onto or off of the chair, facilitating a comfortable experience while you are on the chair and providing you with a stable platform you can use when you need to shift your weight while seated. Of course, they also look great. These authentic Smart Chair armrests from Rolstoel are the same armrests that come with your Rolstoel Smart Chair and as such you will not skip a beat when you use them to replace your old, worn-out arm-rests. Like the armrests that came with the chair, they will flip up and out of the way to help you transfer easily from either side of the chair. Made of durable yet supple polyurethane they are sold in pairs and typically ship within 24 hours of being ordered. Remember, however, to have them installed by the nearest authorized Rolstoel Smart Chair repair expert that you can locate by calling our toll free number: 1-888-584-3095.



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