Detailed Analysis and Review of the KD Smart Chair

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Are you ready to get back to the active lifestyle you’ve been missing? It’s not easy to lose the mobility you’re used to. Thankfully, mobility technology has come a long way, and the KD Smart Chair is the culmination of all of that progress. With the right power wheelchair, you can visit all of your favorite places, from the park to the mall, the market to the theater, and never miss another great day with family and friends.

If you’re shopping around and comparing motorized wheelchairs, you’re going to love what you see in the KD Smart Chair. We’ve put together this detailed analysis and review of the KD Smart Chair so you can get all of the facts in one place. Read on to find out why this is one of the most recommend electric wheelchairs on the market.

Meet the KD Smart Chair

At only 60 pounds yet supporting users of up to 265 pounds, the KD Smart Chair is a powerful paradox. Lots of get up and go in a relatively small and light package is what you’ll notice about this electric wheelchair. FDA cleared and featured on The Doctors Show, the KD Smart Chair is one of the most portable, innovative, and convenient mobility options available.

In fact, the KD Smart Chair is the first and original foldable, lightweight power wheelchair to be featured on television. There have been many imitators since that debut, but none even come close to the original electric portable wheelchair—the KD Smart Chair.

Here’s a quick video about how the KD Smart Chair works:

What does the KD Smart Chair offer?

The KD Smart Chair offers more than any other lightweight electric wheelchairs for sale on the market. Check out these awesome benefits offered by the Smart Chair:

  • Less work. The KD Smart Chair is well-known for its low maintenance and easy care.
  • Really foldable. One of the only truly folding lightweight electric wheelchairs on the market, it is totally easy to fold so you can take it anywhere.

Interested in seeing this foldability in action? Here’s a video:

  • Lighter weight, more power. This chair offers lighter weight with no loss of power: weighing only 50 pounds, the Smart Chair is amazingly convenient, a standout on the market. The heavy-duty KD Smart Chair weighs in at 59 pounds and can carry almost 330 pounds.
  • KD Smart Chair Heavy Duty power wheelchair 10in 001 2000x
  • More compact design. The KD Smart Chair’s innovative folding technology is so simple and convenient, and folds into such a compact unit, that it works for users traveling in any kind of vehicle. Take an airplane, bus, car, cruise ship, subway, SUV, taxi, train, or truck—it’s your call because the Smart Chair will fit.
  • Innovative technology. The Smart Chair from KD Healthcare features more innovative, next-level technologies than any other powered wheelchairs for sale today.
  • Nimble, tight turns. You won’t find a more nimble handling electric power chair for mobility than the KD Smart Chair. It has a fantastic, tight turning radius that allows you to maneuver your way through narrow hallways and doorways with ease and confidence—unlike older models which are too bulky for places like crowded cruise ships and older buildings.
  • More power. Tough, rugged power is what you need to climb up steep hills and ramps, and that’s what the KD Smart Chair gives you. Sail up inclines of up to 12 degrees with ease—you can’t do that in other folding lightweight electric wheelchairs.
  • A greener solution. The KD Smart Chair is the green, eco-friendly alternative in the world of electric portable wheelchairs, with a fully-charged battery lasting for as much as 9.3 miles of constant use! The Smart Chair from KD Healthcare is also the first electric power chair for mobility to use a lithium ion phosphate battery, an environmentally friendly alternative, with a cycle life of up to 500 times or more than that of conventional electric wheelchairs.
  • Easy to store. The KD Smart Chair folds up in a snap, which means you can not only move it easily but also stores it almost anywhere when it’s not in use. You’ll never need a pricey liftgate for your vehicle, or dedicated space in your home.
  • Costs less. It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true: the KD Smart Chair costs less than older model electric wheelchairs—even though it has so much more functionality!

It’s easy to see why so many people are talking about the Smart Chair from KD Healthcare.

Specs on the KD Smart Chair

If you’re interested in the nitty gritty details on the KD Smart Chair, here they are:

  • Dimensions: The KD Smart Chair unfolded dimensions are: 38.2 inches (height) x 23.2 inches (width) x 33.1 inches (length), or 97 centimeters x 59 centimeters x 84 centimeters. When folded, the dimensions are 13 inches (height) x 23.2 inches (width) x 29.5 inches (length), or 33 centimeters x 59 centimeters x 75 centimeters.
  • Weight: 50 pounds, including the battery weight of 3.7 pounds each. The heavy-duty KD Smart Chair weighs in at 59 pounds.
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium ion batteries (included). It takes two to four hours to fully charge the battery.
  • Speed and distance: KD Smart Chair can travel at up to 5 miles per hour (8 kilometers per hour). On a fully charged battery, KD Smart Chair can travel up to 15 miles (24.1 kilometers).
  • Joystick: the joystick can be mounted on either the left or right side to accommodate all users.
  • Lifts: If you cannot lift the KD Smart Chair, you can use leverage or a fulcrum to lift and move the chair into and out of your vehicle. You can also install a lift or small winch.
  • Seat specs: The seat is 16.75 inches from front to back, 15.25 inches wide, and 1.25 inches tall. There are 19 inches from the floor to the top of the seat.
  • Arm rests: The arm rests are 27 inches from the ground, and both can be lifted up.
  • Leg rests: these flip up and back out of the way or removed.
  • Capacity: The weight capacity is up to 265 pounds, but the KD Smart Chair is just as suitable for young users who weigh in at 80 pounds. The heavy duty KD Smart Chair weight capacity is almost 400 pounds.
  • Included with the chair: Your KD Smart Chair comes packaged with a charger, a set of two batteries, easy instructions, a joystick, and a product manual.
  • Charging requirements: The KD Smart Chair needs to be turned off when charging to avoid damaging electrical components and voiding the warranty.
  • Travel specs: You may bring your KD Smart Chair on airplanes. You can use your power charger overseas, but you must use either a converter in the socket or an adapter to change the voltage.
  • FDA clearance: KD Smart Chair is an FDA-approved medical device. We are in compliance with all FDA regulations.
  • Turn radius: The KD Smart Chair has a turn radius of 31.5 inches (80 centimeters).

KD: One of the best chairs in the business

The KD Smart Chair is one of the most versatile, maneuverable, lightweight electric wheelchairs on the market. This product is extremely lightweight and portable, yet it is durable and can travel up to 15 miles on a single battery charge. It folds easily and quickly, making transportation simple. It also offers a laundry list of basic features, like wheel locks and a seat belt and wheel locks. There are even a few extra features, such as a storage tray near the footrests, a flashlight, a cup holder, and a phone carrying case.

One of the things that makes this lightweight power wheelchair the best is simply its design. It is significantly lighter than almost anything similar, weighing in at only 50 pounds. It can carry up to 265 pounds at this extremely lightweight, and still fold down to a compact size for transport in nearly any vehicle.

The Smart Chair from KD Healthcare reaches speeds of up to five miles per hour. Of course different factors can affect this, including the weight of the rider, the terrain, and the amount of charge in the battery. This is one of the best motorized wheelchairs for easily maneuvering both inside and outside, and it can even climb ramps and hills at a 12-degree angle—one of the steepest incline capabilities you’ll find in folding lightweight electric wheelchairs.

Another great benefit of the KD Smart Chair is that KD Healthcare provides one year of coverage for all electronic components. The Smart Chair also comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. That means that if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can get your money back within 60 days. You just won’t find that on many motorized wheelchairs.

What real people are saying about the KD Smart Chair

The reviews from real customers who have bought the KD Smart Chair tell you a lot about how great the product really is. Here are just a few of them:

Life Altering in a Very Good Way

By R. Collier on October 9, 2015

The KD Smart Chair has been life changing, both for my wife and for me as the caregiver. While the Q6 Edge chair is still her primary chair, the fact is that because we now have the KD Smart Chair we can participate more fully in “normal” life activities. . . . While the vehicle we purchased earlier in the year allowed for loading of the chair (relative to our ’04 Prius, which was nearly impossible to use for caring for a disabled person), and gave us a new sense of freedom, my wife was not highly motivated to venture out by car because of the onerous nature of the chair loading/unloading process, so she remained somewhat cloistered in our home.

Enter the KD Smart Chair, which we received in the middle of August, 2015. This chair is only 50 lbs. I am 6′ 2″, so it is very easy for me to handle. It now takes me all of 5 minutes to fold up the chair and secure it in the back of the Scion (without the need for putting down the back seat, which is absolutely required for the Q6 tank), and off we go!

Now my wife is more interested to go with me to the grocery store, or out to grab a bite to eat, or go to the Bay Trail, or any of a number of things that were simply missing from her life that able bodied people simply take for granted. It is this renewed capacity to participate in the more mundane, boring, “normal” part of life that is so life changing for a person who has been struck down by a disabling disease at an age when most people are participating in an active lifestyle. This also positively impacts our relationship since she now participates in decision making at these various tasks/activities, rather than simply having decisions made for her. All because of a chair. Remarkable.

Buy one. Hold back money in your flexible spending plan (if you have this type of benefit) and get the tax benefit. The chair isn’t a full replacement for the Q6 (to be fair, the Q6 has full tilt and a leg extension module, so is a completely different tool in our arsenal for dealing with the disability; additionally I would avoid extremely steep grades with the KD chair, the Q6 has 6 points of contact with the ground, where the KD only has the 4 points, and the wheels and casters of the KD are more narrow than the Q6, but keep in mind that the KD is a folding wheelchair, not a battle ready San Francisco hill climber like the Q6, so you shouldn’t expect the KD to be the same as the Q6), but for what the KD Smart Chair has done for our life, in spite of whatever sacrifices exist relative to the Q6 chair, the KD Smart Chair is well worth the money. . . .

This is the best Power Chair out there.

By Harry Mohrmann, October 14, 2015

This has turned out to be a great find.

We have a Jazzy Select 6 which is a 200 lb power chair. I was looking at buying a new car and a lift because it would not fit in my Corolla. This has saved me a fortune.

It also replaces all three of the chairs that we have. I had a very small folding chair for airplane travel, a standard chair for regular use, and the Jazzy for independence. This replaces all three.

The interesting thing is that this chair is two thirds the list price of the Jazzy.

Great electric chair.

By Teressa Hartford, August 17, 2015

I found a person using one of these and asked questions about it, and I told my friend’s husband. He asked me to order it for him, which I did. We surprised his wife with it and she loves it.

It’s easy to set up and fold back up. And yes, it’s just a little bit bigger than a walker when folded. It’s not covered my Medicare or insurance yet, but hoping that it will be soon. This is so much better than the mobility type chairs as this will fit in the trunk of a car.

Excellent service above and beyond

By Ken, August 3, 2015

Excellent service, above and beyond.

The plug-in power cord is a little tricky. The instructions do not say to have the red line face the left, and do not twist the plug. Dummie me, well I snapped the plug 1st try. One embarrassing call & they sent me a pick up slip and a new chair, as quick as a blink.

Been a great freedom piece. Having a portable power chair on trips to here and there makes those trips less dependent.

We strap on a dual e-tank carrier and away she goes. Mobility is important.

This is an awesome chair. It is powerful and convenient

By psegov, July 13, 2015

This is an awesome chair. It is powerful and convenient. Fits in my trunk or back seat. It is a little heavy, but not bad.

Took it on a trip to Sweden and it made life so much easier. Easy to setup and use. You will not be disappointed. Well worth the investment and it also looks cool.

Will use it at school as I am a highschool teacher. This will help keep me working a few more years.

Great choice

By Caridad Alfaroon, February 8, 2015

It’s very light and comfortable for a teenager. It has a great mobility. The batteries work excellently.

KD Smart Chair—As seen on TV

The KD Smart Chair has had the distinction of being featured on The Doctors. In this segment, The Doctors feature the Smart Chair lightweight electric foldable wheelchair donated by KD Healthcare. On the show, we learn about a good Samaritan who was injured trying as he tried to save a victim of an automobile accident. He is the worthy recipient of the chair, and you can watch and learn about his amazing story see how the Smart Chair helped with his mobility.

In this special Christmas episode, The Doctors gift a Smart Chair donated by KD Healthcare to a wounded veteran. Hear about his story and mobility issues here.

Returns, service, and warranty on the KD Smart Chair

KD Healthcare stands behind their products and wants to keep customers happy. Here are their policies on returns, service, and warranties.


The KD Smart Chair comes with a full 60 day return policy. KD Healthcare is confident that you are going to love your Smart Chair, and so are we! However, if you are not completely satisfied with your Smart Chair, you can take advantage of the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Remember these important rules to qualify for a return:

  • Your Smart Chair must be clean.
  • Place your Smart Chair back in its original packaging.
  • You must email to get a return authorization number.
  • You must ship your Smart Chair within 60 days from when you receive it.
  • Any damage to the Smart Chair that takes place while it’s in your possession will be deducted from your refund.
  • There is a 10% restocking fee for ALL RETURNS.

Returning replacement parts? They can only be returned if they are unused and in their original packaging. There is no restocking fee for returns of replacement parts, as long as they have never been used and are still sealed in the original packaging.

If you have meet these requirements, email to get a return authorization number and return address. Include your order number and the reason for your return.


Just like with your car, to maximize your Smart Chair’s lifespan and performance, we recommend you perform annual maintenance. At times you may need to replace parts due to tear and wear, just like you need to replace spark plugs and tires for your car.

Enjoy the convenience of getting your KD Smart Chair repaired or serviced right in the comfort of your your own home: call Wheelchair and Scooter Repair (WSR). Not only are they convenient, they also specialize in repairing all KD Smart Chair models. WSR has local repair and service technicians in all 50 states and is nationally accredited with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. They accept private insurance, Medicare, worker’s compensation, and other payments.

For your Smart Chair repair information, call Toll Free: 1-888-584-3095


Your KD Smart Chair frame comes with a five (5) Year Warranty. All other electronic components and the battery are covered by a one (1) year warranty.

If your chair breaks within the first five years during your normal use, contact KD Healthcare and they will replace the frame free of charge. If the electronic components or battery break during the first year, contact KD Healthcare and they will send you replacements free of charge.

You must pay for any and all labor and service fees.

To file a warranty claim, call KD Healthcare at 1-(877) 82-SMART (1-877-827-6278), Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM EST.

Or, simply fill out the form on their website here.

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